32 ounces Franks Polish style sauerkraut (contains caraway seeds), drained and rinsed
1 sweet onion, finely chopped
2 medium yellow potatoes, skinned and grated
1 Gala apple, skinned and grated
2 tablespoons caraway seeds
2 tablespoons packed brown sugar
Water from boiled polish sausage


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Cheese Pierogi

Cheese Pierogi 1 large egg 1/2 teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons of sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 1 pounds of farmers cheese Mix ingredients together. Fill with one three inch dough circle…

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Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce 24 ounces Contadina tomato paste w Italian seasonings 14.5 ounces whole San Marzano plum tomatoes (partly drained) 30 ounces of Contadina tomato sauce w Italian seasonings 10 ounces…

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