What is “wind”? It’s where I store all the little trivial tidbits of info that helped me develop this website. Some of the information was hard to find, some of the information I learned along the way, either way I felt the information important enough to save and it might interest you, too! By the way, “WIND” is my abbreviation for the term, “website information and development.”


  • The foundation base for this site Responsive Free modified with a child theme from Cyberchimps.


  • The titles for each page were hidden locally using the CSS command #post-XX h1 {display: none;} for each entity you want to hide (xx being the post number). A global method to accomplish hiding the title is to use the CSS command h1.entry-title {display: none;}.
  • Hiding the titles increased white space at the top of the page. To remove the white space the CSS command #content-full {margin-top: 0;} was used.


  • Creation of a modified header menu was accomplished through the The WordPress Menu Administration Panel. By changing the header menu only the required links are now visible on the menu. Both Cyberchimps and WordPress have user guides on the administration of the Menu system.


  • Jetpack – Features include customization, traffic, mobile, content, and performance tools.
  • Sharedaddy – Installed through Jetpack allows that ease sharing information through social icons.
  • Meteor Slides – Creates slideshows from photographs.
  • Black Studio TinyMCE Widget – A Visual Editor widget that allows the insertion of rich text and media objects.
  • TinyMCE Advanced – Enables the advanced features of TinyMCE, the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.