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  • The Position of Light

    The Position of Light

    The distance of the light source to the subject has a tremendous impact on illuminating your photograph. The relationship (called the inverse square law) of how quickly light changes (falls off) means a light source placed closer to its subject will fall off more quickly then a light source that is placed further away from […]

  • The Angle of Light

    The Angle of Light

    One of the continuing themes I will blog about is the variety of techniques to control light using strobes/flashes. These techniques typically originate from The Strobist  but other sources are occasionally used in order to expanded and further define a topic. The angle of the light is first method to control light. The importance of […]

  • Silhouette


    As you can see Abe is silhouetted against a bright orange orb. Abe, a wonderful model, never drops his guard when a snack is at his reward.   There were several  techniques at play during the shoot. First the flash had to be gridded in order to obtain the proper light fall off. Second the […]