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  • Country Lane Cranes

    Country Lane Cranes

    Its meadows filled with gone to seed ironweed, goldenrod and aster, Country Lane Woods was recently graced with the elegance of two Sandhill Cranes. Crimson-capped, slate gray-bodied with stained rusty-orange feathers and long black legs, these birds stood out from the fading colors of the autumn prairie. Gangly in stature, the birds danced across the […]

  • August’s Colorful Hues

    August’s Colorful Hues

    Typically the colors begin to fade in the sun-drenched month of August. While this is true for most it is not necessarily true for all. Two birds, the Sandhill Crane and Baltimore Oriole, display their colorful hues while soaked in sunlight. The noble sandhill crane; crimson capped, grayed bodied and rust colored rump feathers, stands […]