Donkeys, Guardians of the Farm

The donkey, often misunderstood and underappreciated, is instead an intelligent and independent thinking animal. Their stubborn behavior only arises when they perceive a threat to their own safety and self-preservation. A donkey will never do anything that it considers unsafe, rather it will dig its hooves into ground to make itself immovable.

On a farm, near the edge of the woods, two donkeys graze on the remains of the plowed field.

Donkeys also have a natural aversion to canines (dogs, coyotes and wolves) and a calming effect on other animals such as horses, goats and sheep. By virtue of these combined characteristics, a donkey will aggressively defend itself and its companions. Thus, the donkey is a great guardian of farm animals.

A donkey actually enjoys the companionship of other animals and humans so much that it may very well get depressed if left alone. Since a donkey can live over 50 years, once you befriend a donkey, you will have a friend for life.

Looking at each other a donkey and guineafowl stand together on a farm in the autumn sun.

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