Hidden Gold Mine

Like a typical gold mine, this one is brimming with the brilliant, shiny golden objects. Though these gems are not nuggets but instead the yellow flowers of the marsh marigold. A delightful harbinger to spring, the marsh marigold makes a brief, spectacular appearance in late April through early May, then it disappears as fast as it arrived. The golden flowers and emerald green leaves of the marsh marigold make a stunning forest floor carpet.

In between the swampy overflow of a creek and the rise of woodland foot hills, a patch of marsh marigolds blooms in the formation of a lollipop.

The next time you walk or drive by a marshy hollow, stream edge or even roadside ditch keep an eye open for these showy springtime flowers.

The brillant yellow flowers and emerald green petals of a marsh marigold dazzle the wet murky forest floor of McClaughry Springs Woods.
Against a decaying fallen log, the vivid green and gold of a marsh marigold bring life to the dark muddy floor of McClaughry Springs Woods.
Marsh Marigold create a yellow and green carpet across the swampy floor of the forest.