Springtime Glen

Waterfall Glen is one of the most ecologically diverse forest preserves in DuPage County. The preserve includes prairies, savannas, woodlands, marshes, creeks and a 9.5-mile hiking/riding trail. This blended environment provides a habitat for a large cross section of scenery and wildlife. The diversity at Waterfall Glen demonstrates how different plant and animal species in nature interact one another.

One of my favorite hikes at Waterfall Glen is along Sawmill Creek, which meanders through the preserve. The creek transforms itself throughout the seasons; a turbulent stream in the springtime to a dry creek bed in mid summer. Recently, after a springtime rain, Sawmill Creek swelled into a rushing flowage at the waterfall. The waterfall combined with the early morning sun, rocky creek and scattered pothole reflections created a serene atmosphere.

A waterfall supplies a rocky stream with an ample flow of springtime water. Along the stream, pools of water are formed reflecting the soft colors of the morning sunlit trees.

Springtime foliage emerges around an iron bridge that cross the rocky creek at Waterfall Glen.