Once Lost Now Found

Previously overlooked, ignored, forgotten or lost? Regardless the reasons, rediscovery of these odds and ends has been a treat. From autumn’s hues to spring’s delights, what was once lost has again been found.

Creamy water glistens down the waterfall at Lake Falls in Matthiessen State Park in Illinois. The cascading spray provides a conducive environment to sustain the spread of soft green moss on the the limestone canyon walls.

As single tree still hangs onto its remaining leaves as an ominous fog rolls into the leaf covered forest.

A basal rosette of green surrounds the delicate white dew covered petals of a mustard flower. Aggressive in nature, this tiny plant is severe threat and will overtake forested areas.

Silhouetted cowboy reigns in a bucking bronco spooked by something within a nearby sagebrush.

leaves on log

Two autumn colored maple leaves, rest side by side on a cracked dying log.

The delicate white and pink pantaloon shaped blooms of the dutchman’s breeches rise from a rosette of green fern-like leaves.

Glistening like small diamonds, the loose grains of a sandstone boulder surround an autumn maple leaf as it changes colors from yellow to brown.

Canyon Maple Leaf

Inside Illinois Canyon’s sandstone walls, the last golden brown maple leaf hangs precariously from its moss covered tree.