Attracting Hummingbirds and Orioles

Hovering over a crown of red, a hummingbird shows delight over a solitary monarda flower. Tongue out, lickng it beak, the tiny bird dives into its own culinary heaven.

A ruby throated hummingbird hovers over a solitary bright red monarda blossom in our backyard. We planted bee balm (monarda), trumpet vine (campsis radicans) and butterfly bush (buddleia) in our garden with the specific intention of attracting hummingbirds. With the use of some additional sugar water feeders, hummingbirds are in are backyard throughout late spring, summer and finally into early autumn. Initially attracted to the sugar water, the hummingbirds will eventually forego the feeders and sip the nectar from the flower blossoms. To show their appreciation of our gardening efforts, these tiny acrobats hover and dance for us all summer long. Link to Audubon’s Guide to Attracting Hummingbirds and Orioles to find more information about creating your own hummingbird garden.