Springtime Robins

father robin feed his unfledged young a tasty treat of earthworms while mom watches

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be asked by Shutterstock Blog to share some tips for photographing my favorite springtime subjects. Immediately what came to my mind were birds. Birds are wonderful to photograph in the springtime because they are so active. Whether they are migrating through an area, feeding off of the newly blossomed trees or building new nests, birds are always a delight to watch and photograph. One of my most treasured experiences as a photographer was sharing time with a family of nesting robins. To my delight the robins paid no attention to me and continually fed their young a steady diet of worms.

The photograph to the left is one that Shutterstock Blog used for the article. Along with the image, I provided several tips and techniques that I took advantage of while photographing the robins. The article, Photographers Share Tips on the Best Springtime Subjects includes my thoughts as well as the techniques and ideas of several other photographers who also enjoy springtime photography.