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  • White Trout Lily, a Magical Wildflower for Spring

    White Trout Lily, a Magical Wildflower for Spring

    A wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning. One of my photographs of white trout lily flowers is in the recent issue of Horticulture Magazine.The growth of this colony of trout lily flowers, taken near Tomahawk Slough in Cook County, Illinois, had been aided by recent forest preserve clearing and maintenance.

  • Secrets for Gorgeous Flower Photos

    Secrets for Gorgeous Flower Photos

    Woodland flowers seem to bring life back to the world after a long, cold, and sometimes drab winter. Their subtle beauty in a rough and rugged environment make these flowers a rewarding challenge to photograph. I recently shared many of my tips and techniques in the Shutterstock Blog article 6 Photographers Share Their Secrets for…

  • Springtime Robins

    Springtime Robins

    Recently, I was fortunate enough to be asked by Shutterstock Blog to share some tips for photographing my favorite springtime subjects. Immediately what came to my mind were birds. Birds are wonderful to photograph in the springtime because they are so active. Whether they are migrating through an area, feeding off of the newly blossomed…

  • Attracting Hummingbirds and Orioles

    Attracting Hummingbirds and Orioles

    A ruby throated hummingbird hovers over a solitary bright red monarda blossom in our backyard. We planted bee balm (monarda), trumpet vine (campsis radicans) and butterfly bush (buddleia) in our garden with the specific intention of attracting hummingbirds. With the use of some additional sugar water feeders, hummingbirds are in are backyard throughout late spring,…

  • Do Dogs Get Colds?

    Do Dogs Get Colds?

    Abe, our Labrador Retriever, is a wonderful soul. Though he loves all of the seasons, winter seems to be his favorite. On a winter’s day, he could spend hours running, jumping and playing in the snow. The joy on his face is clearly evident in this photograph that was used in an article on Labrador Training…

  • Migratory Birds Are Worth Protecting

    Migratory Birds Are Worth Protecting

    In our backyard, Baltimore orioles have a choice of oranges and grape jelly. Keeping their feeders full is a small price to pay for the delight in hearing their chitter and gasping at their orange plumage all summer long. George Fenwick (President of the American Bird Conservancy) and John W. Fitzpatrick (Director of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology)…