Migratory Birds Are Worth Protecting

A baltimore oriole sits atop an orange colored feeder. His dinner options include, a juicy orange and sweet grape jelly. background concists of shallo focus green tree leaves and tan hues of the tree branches.

In our backyard, Baltimore orioles have a choice of oranges and grape jelly. Keeping their feeders full is a small price to pay for the delight in hearing their chitter and gasping at their orange plumage all summer long.

George Fenwick (President of the American Bird Conservancy) and John W. Fitzpatrick (Director of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology) wrote a wonderful article explaining why migratory birds are worth protecting. The article was is response to Allysia Finley’s (Wall Street Journal) article about how birds are a drag to our economy. Read George Fenwick and John W. Fitzpatrick’s article about the importance of birds to our environment at the American Bird Conservancy.